What is the purpose of Via Christus?

Our main goal is to glorify God and please Him. To this end, we provide a variety of resources to help Christians in their spiritual development and to answer the questions of those who wish to learn more about Christianity.

At Via Christus you will find free video and audio sermons, devotionals, lectures, books, articles, etc. In addition, we provide free full-resolution graphics and photographs that can be used by churches for bulletins and other communiques.

What does Via Christus mean?

Via Christus is a Latin phrase, which means ‘The Way of Christ’. The motto of our site is ‘Kutsal Yazılarla Yaşam’, which means, ‘Life in the Word’. We maintain that True Life can only be found in the Way of Christ, and is given to us through God’s Word, the Bible.

Is Via Christus linked to a church or organization?

No. It has no link with any particular church or organization. It’s aim is to serve the Body of Christ across Turkey.

Who oversees and regulates this website?

Our website is administered by Pastor Kerem Koc and is managed by a group of five people from different churches and nationalities.

Are the Resources Free?

All the resources that belong to our website are free of charge. They may be reproduced and distributed, as long as it is not for commercial purposes. Some resources do not belong to our web site (you will find descriptions of publishers under these links). For more information, please contact the resource owners.